Best Lateral Rotation Mattresses of 2019

MA95Z microAIR Lateral Rotation Mattress w/ Blower

The MA95Z by Invacare is one of the most popular and highly rated lateral rotation mattresses available to consumers that helps to prevent and treat pressure ulcers from prolonged bedrest. Individuals who are unable to turn themselves often require caregivers to turn them regularly which is time consuming and physically demanding. The MA95Z eliminates the need for this by automatically turning the individual at specified time intervals which can be set with the simple controls on the control unit.


  • The standard 36 inch mattress has a weight capacity of 350 pounds. The bariatric 42 inch mattress has a weight capacity of 650 pounds.
  • Rotation time can be adjusted from 5 minutes to 4 hours.
  • Mattress is latex-free.
  • A max inflate button inflates the mattress to full firmness in 25-60 seconds.
  • Pressing the rotation button on the front of the power unit puts the system into alternating rotation mode. Pressing the button again will put it into static mode which keeps the mattress inflated at a constant level.

Sizes Available

  • 36 inch width – 350 pound weight capacity
  • 42 inch width – 650 pound weight capacity
  • 46 inch width – 1000 pound weight capacity


The manufacturer provides a 1 year warranty on the mattress and 2 year warranty on the power unit.

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LS9500 10″ Lateral Rotation Mattress with on Demand Low Air Loss

Drive Medical makes the LS9500 Lateral Rotation Mattress with on Demand Low Air Loss which helps individuals to turn and reduce pressure on the skin from long-term bed rest. A lateral rotation mattress is intended for a hospital bed with standard bed rails to prevent falls.


  • Weight capacity of 500 pounds.
  • Time intervals can be set at 10, 20, 30, or 60 minutes.
  • The cover is made of Nylon and vapor permeable to reduce moisture on the skin.
  • 16 foot long hospital grade power cord.
  • Mattress is latex free.
  • Low air loss mode is available.
  • Mattress height of 10 inches.

Customer Feedback

  • The mattress is comfortable.
  • The air pump was loud.
  • Too expensive.
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